Ahmad Faraz

Ahmed Faraz was born on 14th January 1931 in Kohat. He was a Great Urdu Poet.He wrote features for Radio Pakistan from Edward College Peshawar. Faraz was also the director of Pakistan national Centre in Peshawar.The poet, only second to Faiz Ahmad Faiz in popularity. Rose to iconic stature powered by his seductively romantic and anti-establishment poetry.
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Ahmad Faraz Poetry | Urdu Nazam | Ghazal | Shayari
To behtar yehi hai
Mat Qatal Karo Awazon Ko
Dosti Ka Hath
Suna Hai Log Use
Shoala Tha Jal Bujha
Ab Shauq Se Ke Jaan Se
Bhali Si Ik Shakal
Saaqiya Ik Nazar
Is Se Pehle
Pehli Awaz
Ahmad Faraz Biography
Ahmad Faraz is a very well-known Urdu poet of Pakistan in the contemporary days. He is born on 12th January 1931 in Kohat in Pakistan. He is one of those poets in Pakistan who influenced the youth of Pakistan in very recent times.
Faraz word used as “Takhulus” (pen name). His poetry appreciated in all over Pakistan. He appreciated and was awarded different awards by the government of Pakistan.
Ahmad Faraz holds a unique culture of Pakistan that even ordinary people can easily understand his poetry. His poetry is also somehow related to humor. He also arrested by the forces of Pakistan due to his criticism of military rulers. He faced some difficulties during Zia ul Haq’s era.
He has been awarded different apex literal awards by the Government of Pakistan,Hilal-e-Imtiaz, Sitara-i-Imtiaz and Nigar Awards.
Ahmad Faraz died on 25th August 2008 due to the kidney failure in Islamabad, Pakistan. Ahmad Faraz famous books are Pas-e-andaza-e-mausam, Be awz gali koochon mein and shab-e-Khoon etc. here at Mawraa you can find Ahmad Faraz Poetry, Urdu Poetry, Urdu Ghazal, Urdu Nazam, sad poetry, love poetry, Urdu Shayari, romantic poems poetry, funny poetry, famous poets, famous poetry