Ehsaas Poetry

The meaning of Ehsas is actually compassion, affection, love and feelings. Ehsaas poetry which is considered as an important aspect in aspect of poetry is very important. Man is the best of creations. And Allah Almighty has blessed every human being with intellect. Within every human being there are two human beings who teach the human being to distinguish between good and bad. As human compassion, every human being feels the other human being in every respect and helps them in their affairs in life. Ehsas poetry also teaches that helping others in difficult situations of life and supporting them are signs of compassion and brotherhood in humanity.

Apart from this, if a person does not have feelings, compassion, love, affection and brotherhood, then it is as if he is not a human being. This most important duty of humanity is to help other human beings more than yourself and support them. This Ehsaas poetry is related to this. Also, to read more good and best Urdu poetry of famous poets of Urdu poetry, visit our homepage where you will get to read all kinds of Urdu poetry.

Bewafa Poetry

Bewafa Urdu Poetry is the most famous in the world of poetry. The Best Collection of Bewafa Poetry for you on And other than that you can read bewafa more ghazal،nazam and image poetry on it. Bewafa Poetry represents Cheating sorrow, sadness, and disheartening inner feelings and emotion someone. It causes destroying relationships. Cheating meanings in the Urdu language are Bewafa, Bewafai, and Wahda Khilafi. The best Bewafa Urdu Poetry is given below