Friendship Poetry

Friendship Poetry in Urdu

In Urdu poetry, friendship is best defined as an affectionate bond between two people. A state of enduring affection, regard, intimacy and trust between two people is known as friendship. Urdu Poetry has described An association as a weaker sort of interpersonal bond than a friendship. In the Urdu language, the meaning of friendship is Dosti, Dost, Yaar. The best Friendship Urdu Shayari is listed below.
Ye Na Thi Hamari Qismat
dosti Ka hath
Dosti Ka Hath
Bhali Si Ik Shakal
Mudat Hui Hai
Pehle Pahil

Friendship Poetry. The Explanation of Friendship Poetry in Urdu

Almost everyone who has a strong link with someone close to them considers friendship to be a value. Friendships are a reality that no one can deny. ¬†Friendship Shayari is best to elaborate on the feelings of trust, logic, dedication, and commitment. Friends are the people with whom you share your sorrows, rages, joys, and pleasures in life. Urdu Poetry presents true friends who are known to be God’s best gift to you; on the other hand, fraudulent friends will always hurt you when you are alone and at your most vulnerable.
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