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Born in Faisalabad, Ali is a multi-lingual poet, a lyricist, and a thinker. He wrote poetry in Urdu, Hindi, Farsi, Punjabi & English. This makes him a very versatile poet. He has a wide variety of Ghazals and Nazams (Poems) and many of his couplets (Ashaar) are famous in masses. Ali Zaryoun challenges stereotypical views in society and offers a sense of inner reflection to his readers. 
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Poetry | Urdu Nazam | Ghazal | Shayari
Man Jis Ka Mola Ho
Tum Sarwat Ko Padhti Ho
Ada.e.Ishq Hun
Jane De
Pehle Pahil
Main Jab Wajud Ky
Chadar Ki Izzat Kerta Hun Aur Perday Ko Mantaa
Wohi Log Hain Aur Wohi Shaam Hai
Prai nined mein sone ka tajurba kar ky
Tumharay Bad Yeh Dukh Bhi To Sehna Pahr Raha H
Tum Jo Kehtay Ho Sunon Ga
Zane Hussen Thi Phool Chun Ky Lati Thi
Love Poetry in Urdu Romantic 2 line
Main Tera Yaar Hun Dushman Bhi Jante Hain Tere
Malal Karta Hua Zindagi Pe Hansta Hua
Pur Sukoon Aise Bhi Ho Letaa Hun Main
Ali Zaryoun was born in 1983 in Faisalabad. he is Multi-lingual poet, lyricist, and thinker. Ali also writes in many languages, Urdu, Hindi, Farsi, Punjabi, and English.  he started to become a famous poet of the modern generation, he has grown his following through social media. His following on social to be in the millions for Zaryoun.
Through his poetry, he challenges stereotypical views in society and offers a sense of inner reflection to his readers. He promotes love, harmony, respect, and tolerance in society with his outstanding poetry. Maktaba Zaryoun is his publishing initiative.
Ali is was their first name and in the year 1999, and after that he add Zaryoun to complete his pen name. His complete name is Ali Zaryoun. Sad poetry by Ali Zaryoun is also prominent. sad poems, romantic poems, or Punjabi poetry, lovers of poetry worldwide are taken by. Poetry by Ali Zaryoun is prevalent among his fan base among Urdu poetry.
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