Izhar Poetry| Izhar mohabbat Poetry In Urdu

Izhaar Poetry in Urdu

Izhar in Urdu poetry represents expressing a rich inner emotion and proposing to the beloved. If you are also interested in reading Izhar Urdu poetry, then come to our page. Here you have all new young poets and fresh words of poetry from all old poets. Expressions are the starting point of any beautiful relationship. Urdu poetry expresses people’s thoughts and feelings towards others. The meaning of proposal in Urdu is to express and offer. The best poetry of Izhar Urdu is listed below.

The Explanation of Izhar Poetry in Urdu

Urdu poetry is the best way to explain the proposal with beautiful, vital verses of poetry. The purpose is to express your feelings and emotions to others with words. It is also an accepted way of engaging with one another. The Urdu Shayari elaborates on Izhaar, which is one of the most essential parts of relationships between people.
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Here you can read all the best and top Urdu poetry of more famous Urdu poets of India and Pakistan. urdu poetry gives us many introductions to Urdu history and Urdu’s best. Izhar Urdu poetry represented internal emotions thoughts and inner love. when a man speaks his thoughts and he speeches his sadness, pain, and sorrow, these all are inner thoughts. besides some thoughts are external for example happiness, laughing, and some other activities which use for other people to see I m happy all are external thoughts۔
Thoughts Urdu poetry All the poets have described it in their own way including Allama Iqbal, Mirza Ghalib, Nadeem Qasmi, Amjad Islam Amjad, and many others.
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