Izhaar Poetry

Izhaar Poetry is a genre of Urdu poetry that expresses the emotions of confession and declaration of love. The term “Izhaar” in Urdu means to express or confess, and this form of poetry is known for its passionate and bold expression of love. Whether it’s a ghazal, a nazam, or a Shayari, Izhar Poetry uses powerful and intense language to convey the depth and sincerity of feelings. This genre of poetry is often associated with romantic love, but it can also express other emotions such as gratitude, regret, and apology. At Mawraa, we have a vast collection of Izhar Urdu Poetry, featuring works from classical poets as well as contemporary artists. Our platform provides a space for poetry lovers to explore the beauty and power of language and to appreciate the artistry of those who have expressed their innermost feelings through poetry.