Hont Poetry In Urdu| Lips Poetry In Urdu

Hont Poetry in Urdu

In Urdu poetry, lips are a symbol of beauty, romance, love attraction, and sophistication. In Urdu poetry, lips show the importance of one’s attractiveness and beauty. Lips are used in poetry as a term for happiness, affection, love, and delicacy. Lip in the Urdu language means “lip, lip.” The best lip Urdu poetry is listed below.
Hum Jo Tareek Rahon Mein Mare G
Bin-Bass Ki Ek Shaam
Aaj Lab-E-Guhar-Fishan
Hai Ap Ke Honton Pe Jo
Aakhri Sach
Samundaron Ke Udhar Se Koi Sada Aai
Gharon Mein Sote Sote Log Har Raat Uthne Lagte
Wo Sahilon Pe Gane Wale Kya Hue
Musafat Kabhi Manzil Ka Taiyun Nahi Karti
Musafat Kabhi Manzil Ka Taiyun Nahi Karti
Yeh Kon Raah Mein Baithe Hain Muskarate
Yeh Kon Raah Mein Baithe Hain Muskarate
Hont Poetry
Mari Wafa Ne Khilae The Jo Gulab Sare Jhulas Gae Hain
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The Explanation Of Hont Poetry In Urdu

Urdu poetry is the best explanation of lip beauty. In Urdu poetry, lips are used symbolically. With beautiful poetry verses, Urdu poetry represents the actual meanings of the lips. An Urdu Shayari elaborates on the value of lips. The Urdu Shayari elaborates on the beauty of lips. Urdu Poetry also represents people’s inner feelings and emotions.
Lip poetry is a symbol of beauty, love, affection, affection, and tenderness. In lip poetry, poets praise the lips of their beloved. And their delicacy is likened to flowers. Because the person whom you love is the most loved and this quality is found in the human being, he accepts the one whom he loves as his everything. Even if it is good, he does not like anything and he goes crazy in his love. This poetry is a collection of human love, affection, sadness, pain, grief, and happiness. So we are providing you with a collection of notable poets from Pakistan and India who give an in-depth and succinct description of Lip Urdu poetry. Among them are Tehzeeb Hafi, Ali Zareon, Mirza Ghalib, June Elia, Mohsin Naqvi, Amjad Islam Amjad, Ahmed Faraz, Rahat Andori, Javed Akhtar, Munir Niazi, and many others.
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