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Khwahish Poetry in Urdu

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Aarzoo Urdu Poetry is Feeling or expressing a strong desire or hope for something that can’t or won’t happen. The wishes could be about who you want to be, what you want to do, or what you want to have. The meaning of wish in the Urdu language is Khuwaahish, Umeed Karna, Aarzoo, Chahana, Farmaish. The best  Urdu Poetry on Aarzoo is given below.
Nigah-e-Faqr Mein
Hzaron Khuwahishen Aisi
Mein Khwahishon Ke Azaab Le Kar Chala
Mein Khwahishon Ke Azaab Le Kar Chala
Jab Raat Ki Nagin Dasti Hai
The Explanation of Khwahish Poetry in Urdu
Urdu poetry is the best representation of wish. Urdu Poetry explains the depth of desires with the help of vital poetry words. It may, however, vary from person to person. Whatever the case may be, every one of us has a goal in mind, and we are all working hard to achieve it. Urdu literature provides a wide range of examples to make our dreams come true with a little effort and the correct kind of focus.
Arzoo Urdu poetry has been described by many famous contemporary poets. which provides a collection of notable poets from Pakistan and India that provide an in-depth and succinct description of Arzoo’s Urdu poetry. Among them are Mirza Ghalib, Ali Zaryoun, Ahmed Faraz, Mohsin Naqvi, Allama Iqbal, Munir Niazi and others. In fact, there are two types of desires, one is the desire that can be fulfilled and the other is the one that cannot be fulfilled. The fulfillment of which is possible, the man leaves them and runs after other things, which are impossible for him to achieve. And spends his whole life to get them and still does not reach them. We should not subject our lives to desires. Rather, desires should be subordinated to our life, which we can fulfill, and if we want to make our life peaceful. If that is not possible now, but if reduce your desires and life will become easier. Poetry also gives us the same lesson to reduce our regrets. And make your lives beautiful. You can also read wish ghazals, poems, and pictorial poetry here. Apart from this you also have access to read very good Urdu poetry
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