Chehra Poetry |Chehra Shayari in Urdu Ghazal

Chehra Poetry in Urdu

Chehra Urdu Poetry: Face is an index and summary of human beings. The face is used as a symbol from which every aspect of human life can be studied. The face is very important in Urdu poetry because if you are able to read it, everything reveals what is in the inner feelings and emotions. The face is a symbol of love, friendship, truth, abstraction, etc., reflecting new changing situations and events. if you want to read more Urdu Poerty Ghazal,nazam and image Poetry you can read on 
Ap Ko Chehre Se Bhi
Aakhri Sach
Bhali Si Ik Shakal
Ashk Apna
Ek Nazam
Mat Qatal Karo Awazon Ko
Wahi Narm Lahja
Jhuk Gai Jab Ye Ana Tere Dar-E-Saffak Par
Rukne Ka Samay Guzar Gaya Hai
Itne Haseen Chehre Miley Tum Nahi Miley
Itne Haseen Chehre Miley Tum Nahi Miley
Kisay Us Nay Yeh Sab Kuch Mujh Say Chup Kar Badla
Tum Nay Haal Pocha Hai Hallat Mohabbat Main
The face describes the pain and suffering of a person and some people take advantage of the innocent face to achieve their goals. In poetry, the face reflects the changing colors of a person that sometimes the faces that give life become the enemy of life. Visit our website to read more good and quality Poetry. Apart from facial poetry, you can also read the poetry of other famous poets.