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Jhoot Poetry in Urdu

Jhoot in Urdu poetry is a kind of distrust, dishonesty, and cause of breakups between people’s relationships. the lie is a poison and plays a role as a silent killer in relationships. It also represents the lie that creates sadness and sorrow. The meanings of a lie in Urdu poetry are Jhoot, Ghalat Bayani, and Freb. The best Jhoot Urdu poetry is listed below.

The Explanation

Urdu poetry is the best medium to explain lies. Lying is a bad habit of the behavior of bad people in society. They have become victims of dishonesty and hatred. which represents people’s inner feelings and emotions. Lying is a sin that disfigures a person. And man is depressed all the time and lying is forbidden in Islam۔
Lie is also used as a term in poetry in which the poet engages his opposition and says that whatever he tells me, I accept as truth. And I come to your words and believe you when you are a liar. Therefore, the market of lies is hot in the world of poetry. And nowadays people have started understanding lies as if it is impossible to live without them. In fact, lying is a major sin and it is very important to avoid it. Apart from this one can read Urdu Ghazal poems and many poetry here
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