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Hayat Poetry in Urdu

In Urdu poetry, the meaning of life is always seen through a person’s personal opinion, which is based on character, beliefs, emotions, feelings and thoughts. Life in Urdu poetry is represented by love, inner feelings, emotions, happiness, purpose, relationships and learning. The meaning of life in Urdu language is life, life and soul. Visit our website Mawraa.com to read the highest life Urdu poetry.
The Explanation of Hayat Poetry in Urdu
Urdu poetry is the best interpretation of life. Urdu poetry describes the splendor of life with beautiful words. Life is about goals, objectives, goals, and purpose. Life is just a waste of time if there is no purpose, goal, or purpose. On the other hand, life is not without purpose. Urdu Shayari describes the real meaning of life with rich poems from different poets.
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Life , the best poet of Urdu poetry and many others, we have explained in our own style its idealism. Among them are Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Mirza Ghalib, June Elia, Mohsin Naqvi, Ahmed Faraz, Manwar Rana, Munir Niazi, Anwar Masood, and many famous poets.
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