Ehtram Poetry | Respect Poetry In Urdu

Ehtram Poetry in Urdu

Respect has been defined as a term in Urdu poetry, which means reverence, feeling, deep respect, admiration, and love. Respect is when you show deep and complete respect for your loved ones and others. Respect poetry describes the kindness towards each other and their literature. Best respect urdu poetry is listed below.
Reverence is associated with admiration, astonishment, and wonder. In Urdu poetry, the best explanation of Ehtram is that sometimes people feel awe without appreciation, such as at a tyrant’s might or a tiger’s brutality. When we venerate someone or something, though, we feel both dread and admiration, if not love. The Urdu Shayari represents our relationship with Allah because we appreciate and love Him as flawless goodness, while also being awestruck by His unlimited power and magnificence.
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