Chai Poetry

Chai Urdu poetry and tea are associated with refinement and courteous social interactions. The best tea poetry is a collection of famous poets ghazals nazams and poetry on In Urdu literature, tea is defined as the meaning of sadness, loneliness, thinking, caring, and sharing love with someone. Although the source of this metaphorical term is the positive perspective, Tea is a symbol of love and Tea also plays an important role in persuading angry people The best Chai Urdu poetry is listed below.

Bewafa Poetry

Bewafa Urdu Poetry is the most famous in the world of poetry. The Best Collection of Bewafa Poetry for you on And other than that you can read bewafa more ghazal،nazam and image poetry on it. Bewafa Poetry represents Cheating sorrow, sadness, and disheartening inner feelings and emotion someone. It causes destroying relationships. Cheating meanings in the Urdu language are Bewafa, Bewafai, and Wahda Khilafi. The best Bewafa Urdu Poetry is given below