Barish Poetry |Rain Shayari Ghazal &Nazam In Urdu

Barish Poetry in Urdu And English

Barish Urdu Poetry is the best collection of poetry, if you want to read more types of rain poetry so you can read more ghazal nazam and 2-line image poetry romantic and sad poetry here. Rain can represent a variety of things. Rain is associated with people’s complex emotions. Rain is a symbol of love, Unhappiness, sadness, loneliness, and everything associated with significance in people’s lives. In Urdu Language, Rain meaning is Barish, Patt jhad, and Rim Jhim. The best Barish Urdu Poetry is listed below.
Kahan Aa Ke Rukne Thy
Ajnabi sham
Mohabbat Os Ki Surat
Khawabon Ko Aankh Se Mina Kerti Hai
Khawabon Ko Aankh Se Mina Kerti Hai
Bata ai Abr
Barish Ki Rautt Mein
Manzil Zikar Mein Har Sheher Pe Chhaye Howay Sheher
Manzil Zikar Mein Har Sheher Pe Chhaye
Explanation ​
Urdu Poetry and Literature best way to explain the rain with beautiful words. What People are so obsessed with rain that those who adore it also have a deep understanding of rain poetry. Urdu Shayari represents that People use Rain to express themselves spontaneously and choose the appropriate words to communicate their feelings. The sound of raindrops falling on the ground is akin to the ‘voice of the rain,’ which is musical.
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