Muneer Niazi Nazm

Muneer Nizai Nazm: His poem is very beautiful and in his poems, the human heart rests on the rhythm of the forest and his short poems are like the wealth of swords filled in the spear. He used symbols such as witch and cheel to express the spiritual fear and psychological anguish of a modern man. if you want to read all nazams of Muneer Niazi so you can read them here at
Ab Main Use Yaad Bana dena Chahta Hun
Mohabbat Ab Nahi Ho Gi
Hamesha Der Kar Deta Hun
Sapna Aagy Jata Kaise
Ek Aaur Ghar Bhi Tha Mera
Khub-Surat Zindagi Ko Humne Kaise
Wisal Ki Khwahish Na Rahi Baqi
Pahli Baat Hi Aakhiri Thi
Main Aur Mera Khuda
Muneer Niazi Nazm
A poem of Munir Niazi’s poem, a word from a stanza falls on the screen from below and cannot remain without being affected by the force of its resonance. At Mawraa, you can find a variety of Urdu nazam poetry.
Muneer Niazi Nazm poetry here at Mawraa. A Nazam by Munir Niazi has a specific topic that follows through each verse and sentence. And a poem by Munir Niazi that does not follow any rhyme scheme or traditional pattern is called free verse.
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