Romantic Poetry

Romantic Poetry in Urdu

 Romantic Urdu poetry, often known as romantic love, describes a strong attraction to a feeling of love for another person, as well as the courtship behaviors used to convey those sentiments and emotions. In Urdu poetry, the watchword of Romanticism is imagination, and it is intense. In the Urdu language, romantic or romance meanings are Romanvi, Nazar Fareb, and Dil Fareb. The best Romantic poetry is listed below.
Is Se Pehle
Mohabbat ka Phelao
Raqeeb Se
Farz Karo
Uske Haatho Mein Jo Khanjar Hai Zyada Tez Hai
Os Ke Hathon Mein
jane De
Jane De
Mohabbat Os Ki Surat
Safed Sach
Safed Sach
Tum Sarwat ko padhti ho
Tum Sarwat Ko Parhti Ho
Bata ai Abr
Mujh Se Pehli Si Mohabbat Mere Mahboob
December Mujhe Raas Aata Nahi
urdu poetry
Wo Kamraa Yaad Aata hai
Ada.e.Ishq Hun
Suna Hai Log Use
Man Jis Ka Maula Hota Hai
Man Jis Ka Mola Ho
Gulon Mein Rang Bhare
Gulon Mein Rang Bhare
Yeh Dil Yeh Pagal Dil Mera
Ye Kaisa Nasha Hai
Shoala Tha Jal Bujha
Shoala Tha JAal Bujha
Ishq Aisa Ajib Darya Hai
Ishq Aisa Ajeeb Dariya
Barish Ki Rut Thi Raat Thi Pahlu E Yar Tha
Barish Ki Rautt Mein
Barish Ki Rut Thi Raat Thi Pahlu E Yar Tha
Barish Ki Rautt Mein
Ab Shauq Se Ke Jaan Se
Ab Main Ose
Prai nined mein sone ka tajurba kar ky
Kab Yad Mein Tera
Tum Ko Dekha To
Ashk Apna

Romantic Urdu Poetry: The Explanation of Romantic Poetry in Urdu

Urdu Poetry best representation of Romance, Mysticism, humanism, supernaturalism, escapism, love of beauty, love of nature, love of equality, fanciful, melancholy, emotional intensity, rich imagination, subjectivism, sensuousness, love, and so on are all terms used to describe certain features and characteristics. Urdu literature is the best way to explain Romance
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