Allama Iqbal Nazms

Allama Iqbal Nazms is very popular among his readers. Poetry is very important in Urdu literature. Because a poem is poetry that revolves around only one thing. And intellectual words are mostly used in it. Allama Iqbal’s poems give intellectual lessons anyway. In which the cries of birds etc. If you also want to read such poetry, then visit our website
Khudi Ka Sirr E Nihan La Ilaha Illallah
Iblis ki majlis-e-shura
kya ishq ek zindagi-e-mustaar ka
Dhund raha hai farang aish-e-jahan ka dawam
Taza phir danish-e-hazir ne kiya sehr-e-qadim
Ek Arzu
Budhy Baloch Ki Naseehat Bety Ko
Allama Iqbal Nazms Explanation
The word nazm is derived from  Arabic and used as it is in  Urdu. Allama Iqbal was also a revolutionary poet and he wrote a variety of poems about it. Basically  in  Urdu  Literature nazm  is  the  category  of Shayari  in  which  a  single thought is  stringed throughout  you can find a vast collection of  Allama Iqbal  Urdu  Nazam  Poetry. Search this section, and you will surely find your favorite  Urdu  Nazam in the list of  Allama  Iqbal  Urdu  Nazam. A Nazam by  Allama  Iqbal has a  specific topic that follows through each poetry and sentence. Allama  Iqbal’s poems represent the love of country and society. here you can find Poetry, Urdu Poetry, Urdu Ghazal, Urdu Nazam, sad poetry, love poetry, Urdu Shayari, romantic poems poetry, funny poetry, famous poets, famous poetry