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Lamhay Urdu Poetry

Lamhay Urdu Poetry.Lamhay means moments, every moment of our life is important and precious whether it is a moment of happiness or sadness. There are many feelings related to Lamhe, moments of joy and sorrow, these feelings are widely covered by almost all the poets of India and Pakistan. Which includes ghazals, poems and many collections. Moments that define poetry very clearly
The Explanation Lamhay Urdu Poetry
There are many feelings related to moments of sadness, happiness, and sadness, this feeling is widely included in almost all the poets of India and Pakistan. If you want to read the best and best Urdu poetry then you can read it here. Every single moment that comes into our life will not come again. Man always thinks to go ahead and his aim is to achieve worldly success. He is always successful. He lives his life according to the commandments of Allah and His Messenger and there is no moment in his life in which he does not remember his Lord Almighty.
Time is the priceless treasure of our life, whoever values ​​it becomes successful. And whoever takes it lightly has failed. Time has never stopped for anyone, always man waits for time, the time has never waited for the man. Go and ask those who have passed away what is the value of time. Man does not value time and then regrets it later which is of no use. A successful person is the only one who thinks ahead of time about his upcoming moments.
Many poets have presented their poetry about the moments and their value, in which they have tried to explain to us that one day or the other, man will leave this world and you will face your Lord. And you will be helpless on that Day. It is good for you to value your time beforehand so that when you appear before your Lord, you will not be ashamed. If you are also fond of Urdu poetry, then on our website you will get to read many poems related to Urdu poetry. Including ghazals, poems, poems, and photo poetry, you can also read extensive collections of Urdu poetry.