Hijar Poetry

Hijar Poetry is a form of Urdu poetry that explores the theme of separation, particularly the pain of being separated from a loved one. The term “Hijar” in Urdu refers to separation or distance, and this genre of poetry captures the raw emotions and deep longing that arises from being apart from someone dear. The language used in separation Poetry is often melancholic and poetic, reflecting the intense emotions that are associated with the theme of separation. Whether it’s a ghazal, a nazam, or a Shayari, separation Poetry is known for its haunting beauty and evocative imagery. At Mawraa, we have a vast collection of separation Urdu Poetry, featuring works from renowned classical poets to emerging contemporary artists. Our platform provides a space for poetry lovers to explore the depth of human emotions and to find solace in the words of the poets who have captured the pain of separation in all its forms.