Mohsin Naqvi

Mohsin Naqvi was born on May 5th, 1947, to a man named Syed Chirag Hussainhe began penning down and publishing his poetry, which gradually began to garner him fame and popularity. Soon, his sharayi and ghazals were being recited in every corner of the country, garnering immense appraise from people of PakistanMohsin Naqvi’s work was largely dominated by his unwavering love for the Ahl-e-Bait, and he has written extensive poetry about Karbala, which continues to be read and recited all over the world.  many famous Urdu poetry books, including Khaima-e-Jaan, Taloo-e-Ashk, Rida-e-Khawab, Rakht-e-Shab, Azaab-e-Deed, Band-e-Qaba and Furat-e-Fikar among others.
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Main Dil Pe Jabr Karu Ga
Bhool Jao Mujhe
December Mujhe Raas Aata Nahi
Yeh Dil Yeh Pagal Dil Mera
Mujhe Ab Dar Nahi lagta
Thak Jao Gi
Ashk Apna
Mohsin Naqvi Biography
Mohsin Naqvi was one of Pakistan’s most famous and illustrious Urdu poets, known as the Poet of the Ah-le-Bait because his work conveyed a heartfelt love for the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his family.
 Syed Chirag Hussain was the father of Mohsin Naqvi. Ghulam Abbas was Mohsin’s first name, but he later altered it to Ghulam Abbas Mohsin Naqvi. His Poetry was soon being chanted in every corner of the country, earning him widespread acclaim among Pakistanis.
 Mohsin Naqvi’s work was dominated by his unflinching devotion to the Ahl-e-Bait, and he wrote substantial poetry about Karbala that is still read and repeated around the world. He wrote about romance and lovers, but his writing was mostly about powerful subjects like the world’s callous and selfish rulers.
Mohsin Naqvi wrote “Lahron ki Tarah” for the film “Husn-e-Bazar,” for which he won the National Film Award. Many notable Urdu poetry Khaima-e-Jaan, Taloo-e-Ashk, Rida-e-Khawab, Rakht-e-Shab, Azaab-e-Deed, Band-e-Qaba, and Furat-e-Fikar.
Mohsin Naqvi was assassinated in Lahore’s major bazaar on the eve of January 15, 1996. Millions of people around the country mourned his loss, and his funeral was attended by a bereaved sea of fans. here you can find Mawraa Mohsin Naqvi Poetry, Urdu Poetry, Urdu Ghazal, Urdu Nazam, sad poetry, love poetry, Urdu Shayari, romantic poems poetry, funny poetry, famous poets, famous poetry