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Social Urdu Poetry

Social Urdu poetry represents social problems, difficulties, and concerns are highlighted via the use of poetry. A social life relates to engagement with other people, especially for enjoyment. When a person is confronted with a problem, he or she turns to social Urdu poetry or social Shayari for some of the best inspirational poetry. The meaning of social in the Urdu language is “Samaji.” The Best Social  Urdu Poetry is listed below.
Mat Qatal Karo Awazon Ko
Khud Kalami
Bol Ki Lab Aazad Hain Tere
Bol Ke Lab Azad Hain
side effects
Side Effects

Social Poetry: The Explanation of Social in Urdu Poetry

Social dilemmas are best described in Urdu poetry as “social Urdu poetry or social Shayari.” Because there are so many concerns that are currently prevailing in society, social poetry in Urdu has always been a hot topic. In Urdu literature, “social structure” is widely defined as “referring to social regularities.” It is used in a variety of ways. Socialism is explained in Urdu poetry. A distinctive, stable arrangement of institutions through which human beings in a community interact and live together is referred to as “social structure.”The idea of social structure in Urdu poetry is frequently used in conjunction with the concept of social change, which is concerned with the causes that alter society’s social structure and organization.
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