Date: May 31, 2023

COTHM College, Okara Campus recently organized a splendid poetry event aimed at promoting art, literature, and the college itself. The gathering, held in Sahiwal, paid tribute to the renowned poet and vocalist, Mr. Shabir Shahid , attracting participants from various cities.

Under the leadership of Mr. Usman Hadi, the esteemed principal of COTHM College, the program commenced with a soul-stirring recitation of the Holy Quran by Maryam Fatima, a talented student of the college. The audience was captivated by her melodic voice, setting a serene ambiance for the evening.

Gracing the occasion, Mr. Ahmed Saqi, a distinguished personality, chaired the event. Eminent guests, including Professor Razaullah Haider and Mr. Shafqat Rasool Qamar, honored the gathering with their presence. Notable figures such as Mr. Khurshid Jalani, the Director of the Information Office, and Dr. Hafiz, the Director of Live Stock, added to the grandeur of the event.

The gathering witnessed a gathering of renowned poets, who left the audience spellbound with their heartfelt verses. Notable poets such as Mr. Nadim Ahsan, Mr. Mufti Nauman Hamid, Professor Amin Anjum, Ehtesham Jameel Shamim, and many more recited their captivating poetry, stirring emotions and leaving a lasting impact on the attendees.

The event was meticulously managed by the administrative staff and students of COTHM College, who ensured that all arrangements were executed flawlessly. Their diligent efforts created an unforgettable atmosphere, making the event a resounding success.

As a token of appreciation and remembrance, special guests from other cities were presented with gifts by Mr. Shams, representing Kohat College. The gesture further enhanced the bond between the college and its esteemed guests.

This remarkable poetry event at COTHM College, Okara Campus in honor of Shabir Shahid served as a platform to foster the growth of art and literature. It not only showcased the talents of renowned artists but also provided an opportunity for young and aspiring poets to showcase their skills. The event will undoubtedly be remembered as a significant milestone in the college’s journey to promote cultural and artistic expression.


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Renowned Vocalist Shabir Shahid Honored at Kohat College's Poetry Gathering in Sahiwal

Renowned Vocalist Shabir Shahid Honored at Kohat College's Poetry Gathering in Sahiwal

Renowned Vocalist Shabir Shahid Honored at Kohat College's Poetry Gathering in Sahiwal

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