Kabirwala, October 02, 2023 – On Sunday, October 02, 2023, at 9 PM, the Kabirwala Council for the Promotion of Literature celebrated its 25th Silver Jubilee Literary and Poetic Session, paying tribute to the late Saeed Saghir Mehdi, an esteemed poet and devout reciter of religious poetry. The event was held at the Maahi Edition-2 Municipal Library in Jinnah Town, Kabirwala.

This special occasion held a unique significance, as the Council for the Promotion of Literature, while upholding its literary and poetic tradition, marked a transformation in its 25th Jubilee Session, which was dedicated to Saeed Mehdi. The memorable literary event featured the following program:

Program Highlights:

  • Recitation: Muzamil Adrak
  • Religious Poetry (Naat): Dr. Syed Shahram Haider
  • Hosting: Rana Naeem Tariq
  • Presidency: Taseer Jaffery

Distinguished Guests:

  • Rafi Asad Sadiqi
  • Syed Adam Ishaq Mehdi

Guests of Honor:

  • Syed Ali Raza Mehdi
  • Mohammad Tahir Kamal Jangooa

The event commenced with the recitation and religious poetry by Ali Jafri, a renowned poet and eulogist. An emotional tribute was paid to Saeed Saghir Mehdi, along with the recitation of Fatiha for his elevated spiritual status.

Prose Corner: Articles

  1. Imran Rizvi presented an article on the life and works of Mohsin Raza Shafi.
  2. Rana Naeem Tariq presented an article about the poetry of Saeed Saghir Mehdi.
  3. Syed Ali Raza Mehdi, the son of Saeed Saghir Mehdi, shared insights into his father’s poetry, books, and life experiences.
  4. Peer Mohsin Qureshi reminisced about Saeed Saghir Mehdi’s life, sharing anecdotes about their time together.

Appreciation Corner: Following the discussions and articles, Saeed Saghir Mehdi’s talented son, Syed Ali Raza Mehdi, and his younger brother, Syed Adam Ishaq Mehdi, were honored with the Excellence in Art Award for their dedication to their father’s literary and religious contributions.

Selection Corner: Poetry and Recitation Young poet Hassan Rizvi beautifully recited one of Saeed Saghir Mehdi’s ghazals, captivating the audience with his rendition.

Poetry Corner: Local poets began the Poetry Corner by sharing their exquisite verses. Notable poets, including Imran Rizvi, Hamza Khan, Mazmil Adrak, Rizwan Hussain, and Tariq Javaid, participated in this poetic symposium.

Subsequently, guest poets, including Tahir Kamal Jangooa and Syed Adam Ishaq, recited their heartfelt verses, evoking fond memories of Saeed Saghir Mehdi.

Admiration Corner: In the closing moments, Syed Ali Raza Mehdi, the son of Saeed Saghir Mehdi, presented valuable tokens of appreciation to all participants. This concluded the elegant and dignified ceremony.

In attendance were distinguished guests Dr. Naeem Tariq, Ali Naser Kamal, Teacher Ameen, Peer Mohsin Ali Qureshi, Syed Shahram Haider, Yaseen, Syed Shahzad Raza, Zawar Hussain, Ali Joon Jafri, Malik Asad Ali Hussaini, Syed Imran Hashim, Kamran Saeed, Rana Amjad, Arshad Sanga, Hassan Rizvi, Saeed Kamran, Reza Allah, Hafiz Rukash, Shah Zeb, Aoun Abbas, and Raaye Babar Khurrl among others.

At the end, Syed Ali Raza Mehdi, the brother of the late Saeed Saghir Mehdi, presented Maahi Addition 2 Second Edition’s exquisite gifts to all participants, concluding this beautiful and solemn gathering.

The 25th Jubilee Session of the Kabirwala Council for the Promotion of Literature, dedicated to Saeed Saghir Mehdi, was a poignant and memorable event that celebrated the life and contributions of a beloved literary figure.

Event Pictures

Saeed Saghir Mehdi Honored in Kabirwala's 25th Literary Jubilee

Saeed Saghir Mehdi Honored in Kabirwala's 25th Literary Jubilee Saeed Saghir Mehdi Honored in Kabirwala's 25th Literary Jubilee

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