In the 84th monthly prose and poetry meeting of Harf Akademi organized by Harf Akademi Hazara, the opening ceremony of Naatia collection “Ali Al Noor” by Sohail Ahmed Samim was held in Educational Horizon School Haveliyan. The event was organized by Abdullah Atiq. Malik Muhammad Ibrahim had the honor of reciting the Quran, while Justice Naseer Bakhsh Yar remained as the President of the event. Mohsin Nazir Chohan, the coordinator of Harf Akademi Hazara thanked the guests on behalf of Harf Akademi Hazara and congratulated Sohail Ahmed Samim on his nasheed collection. Professor Farhan Anjam presented an article on Sohail Ahmed Samim’s nasheed collection, stating that “Ali Al Noor” is a nasheed collection that reflects the poet’s introspection of the heart, his thoughts, and his imaginative expressions. The love of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and their reverence is evident in every word, and it also reflects the vulnerability and humility of a believer’s heart. It is a reflection of adherence to the Sunnah of the Beloved Prophet (PBUH), which is the true demand of love.

ھے اگر عشق نبی جان سے بڑھ کر جو تمیں
کیوں فقط دل ہی انہیں دیتے ہو سر ہوتے ہوئے

The poetry of Sohail Samim in this book is also remarkably powerful, just like his Naatiya Nazm (poetry in praise of Prophet Muhammad PBUH). His eloquence and prowess in the field of poetry are commendable. In his Naatiya Nazm, he expresses a deep sense of self-awareness, helplessness as a human being, and remorse for his disobedience. Amidst the rhythm of the poetry, there is a color of supplication, as he spreads his humble offering of devotion in the court of Prophethood, with the certainty that the Prophet understands his pain and will graciously bless his humility with elevated status. In the final parts of the Nazm, he appears to be afflicted with a state of ecstatic quality, as if his humble offering has been accepted in the court of Prophethood, and the gift of benevolence is with him.

Professor Nasir Daud, while presenting a paper on Naatiya (praise) poetry, remarked that Sohal Samim has greatly enriched the tradition of Naatiya in Hazara and that poets from Hazara have contributed significantly to the tradition of Naatiya. Dr. Adil Saeed Qureshi, while appreciating Sohail Ahmed Samim’s collection of Naatiya, said that he has beautifully advanced the tradition of Naatiya in Hazara, and reading his Naatiya gives the impression that Sohal Samim has composed it with great passion and fervor. Sohail Ahmed Samim, through his unique style, has proven his prowess as an accomplished poet in his book. Guest of honor, Aizaz Ahmed Riaz, while applauding Sohail’s Naatiya, said that Sohal Samim has presented his Naatiya in a beautiful manner, and his Naatiya Nazm is excellent. Sohail Ahmed Samim, in his conversation, expressed gratitude to Hazara Akademi for organizing the event and appreciated their efforts in promoting literary and academic activities in the region.

Event’s Reception

The reception ceremony for the collection of Naats titled “Ali Al Noor” by the esteemed poet Mr. Sohail Ahmed Samim, who represented the youth, was organized under the auspices of the Bazm-e-Ilm-o-Fun at the Modern Age Public School and College Boys’ Section in Abbottabad. The renowned poet Mr. Amanullah Khan Aman presided over the event, and Professor Syed Muhammad Iqbal was the special guest. The responsibilities of moderation were performed by Dr. Aamir Sohail. In addition to poets and writers from Hazara, participants from Taxila also attended the event. The ceremony began with the recitation of the Holy Quran, in which the privilege of recitation was given to the well-known Qari and Naat Khawan Mr. Usama Parvez, while the gift of Naat was presented by Mr. Abdullah from Sohail Samim’s book in the presence of the esteemed audience, including His Excellency, the leader of both worlds, Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (peace be upon him). The first session of the event was focused on discussions on books and articles, in which Dr. Aamir Sohail had a very insightful conversation on the book Ali Al Noor. Mr. Amin Sadiq and Ahmad Riyaz presented very thoughtful articles and received appreciative feedback from the audience. The president of the Bazm, renowned poet and distinguished educationist Mr. Wahid Siraaj, congratulated the two article writers and Sohail Ahmed Samim on the publication of this excellent collection of Naats in his speech. The special guest and the president of the event also congratulated the author in their respective speeches and praised his efforts in the field of Naat. Sohail Samim thanked all the distinguished guests, friends, and members of the literary community in his speech. The second session of the event was dedicated to Naat recitals, in which Usama Zain, Usama Parvez, Sohail Ahmed Samim, Madni Ijaz, Dr. Kashif Zia, Ahmad Riyaz, Shakeel Awan, Qazi Naseer Bukht Yar, and others participated.

Ali Al Noor’s Intrduction

The book contains 10 couplets, 13 quatrains, 23 poems (one poem with 40 verses and one with 63 verses), and 26 ghazals in praise of the blessed personality of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), without using the words “you”, “your”, “yours”, or “he”. The content and opinions include articles by Dr. Adil Saeed Qurashi and Dr. Aamir Sohail, opinions of Mr. Saud Usmani and Asif Saqib in debate, opinions of Mr. Hasan Abbasi, Mr. Naseer Bukhari, Mr. Abdul Wahid Bismil, and the views of Mr. Ahmed Riaz are included.

Sample verses

نظرِ سرکار بہ توفیقِ خدا ہوتی ہے
زور کی بات نہیں نعت عطا ہوتی ہے

اگرچہ میری رگوں میں رواں دواں ہے نعت
مگر حضور کے معیار کی کہاں ہے نعت

نعت کہنے کے لیے طرزِ بیاں مل جاۓ
بے زباں شخص کو یعنی کہ زباں مل جاۓ
دل میں دیدارِ مدینہ کی طلب ہے مالک
کب یہ کہتا ہوں مجھے سارا جہاں مل جاۓ

چلے ہیں عرش پہ اور ہم رکاب کوٸی نہیں
وہ مرتبہ ہے کہ جس کا جواب کوٸی نہیں
کرے گا کیسے کوٸی مدحِ عابد و معبود
ملے بھی ایسے کہ اُن میں حجاب کوٸی نہیں
میں نعت لکھتا رہوں اور نعت پڑھتا رہوں
کہ اپنا اِس کے علاوہ نصاب کوٸی نہیں
کیا ہے ذکرِ نبیؐ اور تمام گھر مہکا
اگرچہ صحن میں میرے گلاب کوئی نہیں
خوشا کہ جاری و ساری ہے فیضِ نعتِ رسول
خوشا کہ زندگی میں اب سراب کوٸی نہیں
ہے اتفاق سبھی کا کہ دوجہاں میں کہیں
شبابِ مثلِ پیغبر شباب کوٸی نہیں
مرے کریم کو پہنچے مری طرف سے صمیم
درود اتنا کہ جس کا حساب کوٸی نہیں

دل اُدھر ہوتا ہے ظاہر میں اِدھر ہوتے ہوۓ
اور کیا چاہیے اب اُن کی نظر ہوتے ہوۓ
بات بنتی نہیں اُس در پہ زبر ہوتے ہوۓ
ہے اگر عشقِ نبی جان سے بڑھ کر، تو پھر
کیوں فقط دل ہی انہیں دیتے ہو سر ہوتے ہوۓ
مرے سرکار کے دربار میں جانے کے لیے
چاہیے اذنِ سفر، زادِ سفر ہوتے ہوۓ
دل اگر عشقِ نبی میں نہیں رہتا سرشار
دل وہ پتھر ہُوا سامانِ گُہر ہوتے ہوۓ
جن کو سرکار کی جانب سے اجازت نہ ملی
لکھ نہ پاۓ وہ کبھی نعت ہنر ہوتے ہوۓ

بس ایک چشمِ کرم، اے رسولِ عرب و عجم
مٹیں یہ درد و الم، اے رسولِ عرب و عجم
ادا میں کر نہیں سکتا، حقِ ثنا خوانی
اگر ہوں سات جنم،اے رسولِ عرب و عجم
یہ جو میں آپ کی توصیف لکھتا رہتا ہوں
ہے آپ کا ہی کرم، اے رسولِ عرب و عجم
مجھے قبول کریں، بزمِ نعت گوئی میں
عطا ہو زورِ قلم، اے رسولِ عرب و عجم
خدا نے وقتِ ملاقات یہ کہا ہو گا
بڑھائیں اپنے قدم، اے رسولِ عرب و عجم
کوئی نہ خالی گیا آج تک مدینے سے
رہے مرا بھی بھرم، اے رسولِ عرب و عجم
ہرایک غم سے ملے ، میری زندگی کو نجات
ہراک خوشی ہو بہم، اے رسولِ عرب و عجم

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Ali Al Noor Unveiled: Sohail Ahmad Samim's Grand Inauguration!

Ali Al Noor Unveiled: Sohail Ahmad Samim's Grand Inauguration!

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