Ijazat Poetry

Ijazt Poetry is a unique Urdu genre that revolves around the theme of permission, particularly in the context of love and relationships. The term “Ijazat” in Urdu translates to permission, and this form of poetry beautifully captures the intricate emotions and complexities that arise when one seeks permission from a loved one. Whether it is a ghazal, a nazam, or a Shayari,¬†permission¬†Poetry employs powerful and evocative language to convey the feelings of hope, fear, and vulnerability that accompany the act of seeking permission from someone who holds a special place in one’s heart. This genre of poetry also expresses a sense of acceptance and humility, as the poet acknowledges the importance of seeking permission and the value of the other person’s consent. At Mawraa, we offer an extensive collection of Ijazat Urdu Poetry from classical to contemporary poets