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Gila Poetry in Urdu
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The use of complaint in Urdu poetry symbolizes infidelity, sadness, loneliness, negation, mistrust, dissatisfaction, and attraction. When nothing goes as planned, you complain. When you are not happy with life according to your desires, you complain. So today we teach you the best collection of Urdu poetry related to these complaints

The Explanation of Gila Poetry in Urdu

The best explanation of complaints is in Urdu poetry. It provides detailed reasons and solutions to solve the problems that are the cause of the complaint. They appear when people face problems in society. Urdu Poetry elaborates that sometimes it’s better to keep to oneself rather than bother everyone with the same problems. 

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A complaint is a subject that can be described more and more. In every era, people complain about each other. In fact, the purpose of the complaint is to remove the defect found in any human being. But to us, it means disrespecting him. In Islam, doing evil to someone in his absence is like eating the flesh of one’s brother. Despite this prohibition, people are doing this. Shepherding is often done by those people. Who are afraid of people and instead of talking face to face they turn away. This is prohibited by Islam and strongly denied. It is also stated in the poetry that a person should not do evil to anyone because if you cannot describe the good, then do not do it.