Fareb Poetry in Urdu| Dil Fareb Shayari In Urdu

Fareb Poetry in Urdu

Cheating in Urdu poetry means cheating honest people. A misleading statement conceals the truth or promotes a belief, concept or idea that is not true. This is often done for personal gain or gain. Urdu poetry refers to deception. And it also teaches us to avoid deceptive people, which may include mistrusting someone. The meaning of Farib in Urdu language is deception, delusion, delusion and deception. Farib urdu best poetry is listed below.
Sar He Ab Phodiye

The Explanation of Fareb Poetry in Urdu

Urdu poetry is the best way to describe deception, which is the process of tricking people into believing false information, be it big or small, cruel or sympathetic. Falsifying anything with the intent to deceive is a common form of fraud. Urdu Shayari describes with beautiful words that most people are generally honest, even those who believe in honesty cheat others from time to time.
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