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Islamic Poetry in Urdu

Islamic Urdu Poetry is one of the best ways to pay gratitude to ALLAH almighty. Submission to God’s will is the meaning of the word “Islam.” Muslims are those who follow Islam. Muslims follow a monotheistic faith that they believe was revealed to them via MUHAMMAD ( PBUH ), ALLAH Prophet. Islamic Urdu Poetry represents love like ALLAH Almighty, it is said. The Best Islamic Urdu  Poetry giving below.
Khudi Ka Sirr E Nihan La Ilaha Illallah
Khudi Ho Ilm Se

Islamic Poetry: The Explanation of Islamic Poetry in Urdu

Urdu Poetry expresses that there is no love like ALLAH Almighty, it is said. ALLAH is the owner of everything we possess. Islamic Urdu Poetry explains the actual meaning that ALLAH’s love should be unrestricted and limitless. ALLAH Almighty’s love is the reason for human existence and everything in this Universe. Parents, siblings, country, relatives, and friends are all secondary, and Allah Almighty commands the most love and respect. More than 70 mothers cherish Allah Almighty’s creation. One of the methods to express thankfulness to Allah Almighty is through Islamic Urdu Poetry.
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The best Islamic Urdu Poetry poets and many more we have provided below a collection of notable Pakistani and our the world Best poets here who explain Islamic Urdu Poetry deeply and briefly. Including and many more Allama Iqbal, Mohsin Naqvi, Imru’ al-Qais, Al-Khansa, Al-Mutanabbi, and many more.
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