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Jism Poetry in Urdu

In Urdu poetry, the body is a symbol of love, attraction, beauty, and romance. Urdu poetry is the best means of expressing the body. Today you are here with the efforts of Mawra, who reads the best and highest body of poetry, which is a collection of all Urdu poetry. This body of poetry is written by all new and young poets. The meaning of the body in the Urdu language is “body, body”. The best Urdu poetry of the body is listed below.
Jab Tera Hukm Mila Tark Mohabbat Kar Di
Ab Mere Shane Se Lag Kar
Wo Bagh Mein Mera Muntazir Tha
Kash Main Tere Hasin Hath Ka Kangan Hota
Huruf E Aagahi Thy Be Kass
Mere Aaba-O-Ajdad Nay Hurmat Aadmi Ka Liye
Mere Aaba-O-Ajdad Nay Hurmat Aadmi Ka Liye

The explanation of Jism Poetry in Urdu

The best way to explain the jism is through Urdu poetry. Jism Shayari is famous in Urdu literature. It is a sign of love and romance, Urdu poetry also represents people’s inner feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Urdu Shayari elaborates the jism with the beautiful words of poetry.
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