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Ghar Poetry in Urdu

In Urdu poetry, “Ghar” expresses the deep inner feelings and emotions of a human being. Home is where the heart is. This is the sweetest place in the world. In Urdu poetry, home is also a symbol of happiness, love, security, protection, gathering, attachment, soul, desire, and sorrow. Ghar in the Urdu language means house, house, shelter. A home is a place where there is peace, contentment, and pleasure, and these things can be found when the people living there respect each other and listen to each other, then all these pleasures are found. Visit here to read the good and best poetry about home.
Ek Aaur Ghar Bhi Tha Mera
Admi Waqt Par Gaya Hoga
Pahli Baat Hi Aakhiri Thi
urdu poetry
Wo Kamraa Yaad Aata hai
Kisi Ko Ghar Mila
Ajeeb Hadsa Hua Ajeeb Saneha Hua
Kisi Ka Dard Ho Dil Beqaraar Apna Hai
Milay Hain Ap Tu Kiya Hai Agr
So Ab Ye Shart-E-Hayat Thahri
Yeh Jo Hijrat Ky Maaray Howay Hain
Main Yeh Nahi Kehta Ky Usay Peyar Nahi Hai
Haalaat Ke Qadmon Pe Qalandar Nahi Girta
Haalaat Ke Qadmon Pe Qalandar Nahi Girta
Sab Kuch Hotay Bik Jatay Hain Log
Jidhar Jatay Hain Sab Jana Udhar Acha Nahi Lagta
Na Es Gali Mein Na Es Shaher Bhar Mein Koi Hai,anwar shoor ghazal
Na Es Gali Mein Na Es Shaher Bhar Mein Koi Hai
Raat Ko Deep Ki Lo Kam Nahi Rakhi Jati
Shah Se Chup Kar Qaidi Ne Shahzadi Ko Pegham Likha
Aankhon Ka Rang Baat Ka Lehja Badal Gaya
Aankhon Ka Rang Baat Ka Lehja Badal Gaya
Baad Mein Mujh Se Na Kehna Ghar Palatna
Baad Mein Mujh Se Na Kehna Ghar Palatna
Iss Se Aap Ka Dukh Bhi Ho Jayega Acha Khasa
Iss Se Aap Ka Dukh Bhi Ho Jayega Acha Khasa

The Explanation of Ghar Poetry in Urdu

Urdu poetry is the best explanation of home. It elucidates the true meanings of people’s attachments to their homes. Urdu Shayari is an elaborate house that provides a safe haven for people to care for the ones who matter most to them. It’s a feeling of fulfillment and joy that they share with the people they care about.
Home is primarily a woman’s invention. A house is the basic unit of a city or town in a country. Home has always been important to man. About thirty-seven hundred years ago, when the alphabet was invented, the second letter “B” was placed at Bait, meaning home.
Those who do not have a home are always on the quest to get it, so Abraham H. Mezlow has described the home as a basic human need. For those who lose their homes, lost homes are always in their memories. Muslims who came to Morocco from Córdoba seven centuries ago still have the keys to these houses in the hope that they will one day visit the homes of their ancestors.
The best home Urdu Poetry poets and many more we have provided below a collection of notable Pakistani and Indian best poets here who explain Ghar Urdu Poetry deeply and briefly. Including Amjid Islam Amjid, Ahmad Faraz, Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi, Javed Akhtar, Mirza Ghalib, Muneer Niazi, and many more.
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