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Faslay Poetry in Urdu

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Distance poetry is an emotional state marked by sadness and feelings of loneliness and separation. In Urdu poetry, the distance between relationships is a symbol of love, waiting, and trust in someone. This is a natural response to painful pain. The meaning of distance in Urdu language is: distance, or door. The best Faslay urdu poetry is listed below.
Mere Is Dida-E-Khun-Nab Ke Pichhe Pichhe
Thik Hai Khud Ko Hum

The Explanation

Distance Urdu poetry expresses people’s feelings of separation, loneliness, and distance. With the passage of time, man is becoming closer to his relatives and relatives. Some people are going away for their own interests and some are being forced away. The distance poetry indicates them and creates a desire to connect a visit together. Apart from this, many other topics are included in it. More Urdu poetry pages and categories can be found here. Where you can find the best and top faslay Urdu poetry, Urdu ghazals, faslay Urdu poem, faslay Urdu Shayari, etc on our website. Please visit our social media platforms and homepage for more updates about Fasle Urdu poetry.