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Fanaa Poetry In Urdu

Annihilation means “to die before dying”. Annihilation in Urdu poetry is also related to Sufism. Annihilation is the cultivation of self. Urdu poetry expresses exactly this annihilation. It is the annihilation of the human ego before God, whereby the self becomes an instrument of God’s plan in the world. And the man comes to the path which is his origin. Fana Urdu poetry is listed in below

The explanation of Fanaa Poetry in Urdu

Urdu Poetry The greatest method to explain the Fanaa is to tear down the individual ego and recognize the basic interconnectedness of God, creation, and the human self Persons who have attained this enlightened condition are considered to have consciousness of fundamental unity. Urdu Shayari is the sole way to explain the true meaning of Fanaa.
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