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Ehsaan Poetry in Urdu

Urdu poetry is the best representation of kindness. Ihsan is an Arabic word meaning “beautiful,” “perfection,” or “excellence, goodness, kindness, and good behavior.” Ihsan is also used as the same term in poetry. Beliefs include love, peace, kindness, and a sense of social duty. Benevolence poetry makes its name in the world of poetry by using all these terms. We read Ehsan poetry today. Ehsan Urdu poetry is listed below and for more Urdu poetry visit homepage.
Bahaar Aai Hai Phir Jhum Kar Sahab Utha
Bahaar Aai Hai Phir Jhum Kar Sahab Utha
Raqeeb Se
Apne Ehsas Se Chhu Kar Mujhe Sandal Kar Do
Ehsan is one of the Arabic terms, but Urdu poetry is the best explanation of it. It has a vast and profound meaning that cannot be translated into a single word. The term “ehsan” has a basic connotation of “perfection” or “excellence,” and is related to the word “goodness.” Urdu Shayari also expresses with the beautiful words that that Ehsan is the Muslim’s responsibility to achieve excellence, in worship.
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