Jaun Eliya Nazm

Jaun Eliya NazmThis section is jaun Eliya nazam Poetry. his nazam poetry is very famous among his fans. because his nazam is represented love, affection, pain, sorrow, and so on. other than that his poetry is very famous because this poetry is very real and attractive with more attributes so we today read all the famous poems of jaun Eliya this poetry is below 
Ajnabi sham
Tumhaare Naam
Tumhaare NaaAaj Lab-E-Guhar
Admi Waqt Par Gaya Hoga
Jaun Eliya Nazm In Urdu
Nazam is a major part of Urdu poetry. Nazm is a significant genre of Urdu poetry. A Nazam by Jaun Elia has a specific theme that follows through each verse and sentence. Urdu Nazam is a type of Urdu Poetry that is used to represent inner feelings and emotions.
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