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Kirdar Poetry in Urdu

Character is everything in Urdu poetry. It represents the character with the most positive attitude to attract people and survive in society. A man’s true nature is reflected in his character. This is his true moral condition. It is defined as the distinguishing mark of an individual. The meaning of character in Urdu language is character, Sikhity. The best Urdu poetry is listed below.
The Explanation of Kirdar Poetry in Urdu
Urdu poetry is the best medium for character expression. The character has the most importance in Urdu literature. Character is about good traits, attitudes, principles, values, ​​and good behavior. Urdu Shayari describes the character with beautiful verses of poetry, it represents the inner feelings and emotions of people. And creates a good atmosphere among people. Character poetry also gives people a wealth of consciousness.
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The character of Urdu poetry has been well described by many poets, among whom the poets of Pakistan and India are worthy of mention. Who resort to poetry to convey their ideas about character building and about it to the people. And in his poetry, he seems to portray the character. Character is the basic unit of man. And without it, there is no difference between man and beast. Man has been created by Allah the Highest. And the whole world has been decorated for it. man is still ungrateful. Actually, man is greedy and greed is evil. A person’s character is the identity of a person. If the character is good, then that person is remembered with good words, otherwise evil is seen by everyone, so stays like that in the world. So that the world remembers with good words and not with bad words
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