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Gharoor Poetry in Urdu

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In Urdu poetry, more than arrogance, beauty, and excellence, it is a symbol of power, impression, attractiveness, beauty, and personality. On the other hand, pride in being a loyal friend, good parent, and spiritual has both positive and negative connotations. Arrogance should be avoided at all costs because it is against the humanity of man. Takbar in Urdu poetry means arrogance, arrogance, and pride. The best Urdu poetry is listed below.
Gharoor Poetry: The explanation of Gharoor Poetry in Urdu
Ghroor is best explained in Urdu poetry. It explains with beautiful words that arrogance is a sign of power, attitude, and rudeness, and also expresses the Islamic point of view that is disliked in Islam and also in an educated society. The Urdu Shayari represents the actual meaning of Ghroor which is positive in positive aspects like good habits, helping manner, and respected manner, but also indorses the negative sense of arrogance, which is about insulting someone.
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Arrogance is thinking oneself superior to others because of one’s power, wealth and position, and considering other people inferior and inferior to oneself, or considering oneself to be God, that one can do anything with one’s power and wealth, and no one can do anything to them. It cannot be corrupted, it is called pride. Allah most dislikes pride and arrogance. The sin of pride was first committed by Satan. When Allah commanded Adam (peace be upon him) to prostrate to all the angels and Satan (Iblis) to prostrate, Satan refused to prostrate by saying that Adam (peace be upon him) was made of clay and I of fire. If it was made, Allah Almighty strongly disapproved of this arrogance of Satan and removed Satan from His presence by giving him respite until the Day of Resurrection.