Jaun Eliya Ghazals

 Jaun Eliya Ghazals Poetry collection is a masterpiece and many are vital poetry their heart-touching lines. If you like to read Jaun Elia Urdu Ghazal’s poetry stay tuned here.  you will find a variety of collections of poetry of  Jaun Elia Urdu poetry at Mawraa. Jaun Elia Ghazals in Urdu are available in all categories like sad, love,  and romantic. you will surely like his beautiful poetry Read and share
Sar He Ab Phodiye
Umr Guzregi Imtihan Mein Kya
Thik Hai Khud Ko Hum
Naya Ik Rishta
Umr Guzre Gi Imtehan Mein
Thik Hai Khud Ko Hum
Beqarari Si
Be Dili Kya
Jaun Eliya Urdu Ghazals
Ghazal is to talk to the beloved ones. A poetic expression of both the pain of loss. It originated in Iran and it is one of the most Artistic forms of Arabic, Turkish, Persian, and Urdu Literature.Read and share. here you can find Poetry, Urdu Poetry, Urdu Ghazal, Urdu Nazam, sad poetry, love poetry, Urdu Shayari, romantic poems poetry, funny poetry, famous poets, and famous poetry at Mawraa.com

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