Birthday Poetry

Birthday Poetry in Urdu

Birthday is the anniversary of a person’s birth, which is traditionally commemorated with a celebration and the exchange of presents. Birthday is the most anticipated day of the year. Urdu poetry is the best representation of a birthday. It provides the actual word to express of birthday. In Urdu, the words used for birthdays are Janam Din, Sal Girah. The Best Birthday Urdu Poetry is Giving Below.
Judaai Ki Paanchvin

Birthday Poetry: The Explanation of Birthday in Urdu Poetry

Birthday Urdu Poetry in Urdu is really valuable to everyone. Every passing year brings new memories and opportunities to learn from your mistakes. Urdu Poetry best explains Birthdays, above all, calls for celebration. Birthday Urdu Shayari is elaborate the meaning of birthday leisure with words or poetry lines who actual representation of the peoples inner feelings and emotions. Because the one day of the year when we get to see all of our loved ones in one location
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