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Judai Poetry in Urdu

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Jadai Urdu poetry which shows isolation and loneliness. It describes the separation of people from each other and the dissolution of relationships. Separation is one of the main themes of poetry which has been described by many poets in their beautiful style. Today we are going to teach you the fresh words of many new and young poets about separation Which include poems, ghazals, and poems of famous poets
Ab Aur Kya Kisi Se Marasim
Zara Si Baat، Zindagi Ke
Rang Juda Aahang Juda Mahkar Juda
Silsile Tod Gaya Wo Sabhi Jate
Tera Hijar Hi Pyara Hai
Farishton Se Bhi Acha Main Bura Hone Se Pahle Tha
Kabhi Tu Nay Khud Bhi Socha Ki Ye Pyas Hai
Na Tujh Se Hai Na Gila Aasman Se Hoga
Wo Rut Bhi Aai Keh Main Phool Ki Saheli Hoi
Gali Mein Dard Ke Purze Talash Karti Thi
Akhri andhi nay sab koch phely jaisa kar diya
Itnay Khamosh Bhi Raha Na Karo
Itnay Khamosh Bhi Raha Na Karo
Aaina Ab Juda Nahi Karta
Aaina Ab Juda Nahi Karta

The explanation of Judai Poetry in Urdu

Urdu poetry is the best explanation of separation. Separation is a situation of breakup in relationships between people. It also represents deep love, inner feelings, and thoughts. Urdu Shayari is the best way to elaborate on the Judai with beautiful words. It also represents a person’s inner feelings, emotions, and thoughts.
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In separation poetry, the relationship between the lover and the beloved begins to end and they begin to separate from each other. In order to ease the pain caused by separation and to entertain their heart, people read separation Urdu poetry written by sad poets with great interest, among which the efforts of our website mawraa.com are prominent. Separation is a natural separation. In fact, every person who has come into this world has to leave this world one day or the other. Life here is a temporary life and its purpose is to follow and serve Allah and His Messenger. Because one day we have to leave this world. When no one could stop this separation, how is it possible that man is not separated from man? So we should not regret separation as much as we do. If you want to read good and best parting poetry which includes ghazal, verse, and picture poetry then come to our page. Apart from this, you have access to read all kinds of content related to Urdu poetry
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