Eyes Urdu Poetry

Eyes poetry is the base of poetry. Urdu poetry eyes are used as a symbol of love. if you want to read the famous eyes poetry of popular poets you can read it at mawraa.com.It indicates the significance of relationships within people. The eyes are also the source of the exchange of messages between two people. If you’re interested in the best and most famous eyes poetry, then remain connected here to see all of Mawraa’s top Aankhain Urdu poetry collections. The best Aankhain poetry is listed below.

Mein Dekh Lo Jo Kabhi Usski Chasham-E-Tar Ki Taraf
Badan ka sara lahoo daorta hai sar ki taraf
Meri taraf mutwajjah tou kyu nahi hota
Tera tu khair se rujhaan bhi hai shar ki taraf